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Employing skills from her former entertainment career including creativity, collaboration and communication, Elena has achieved world-wide recognition as an industry influencer and innovator with a proud 25-year history of excellence in design and manufacturing.

Elena’s mission is to disrupt the world around her to advance people, innovation and the common good.

Elena is an acclaimed public speaker and a passionate advocate for promoting and celebrating authentic and inclusive female leadership. She believes that women can excel by drawing upon innate skills such as creativity, authenticity, vulnerability and collaboration to help them achieve success.

She is a Board Member with Access Community Services (a not-for-profit which assists migrants and refugees) and holds two major positions with the peak pool and spa industry body, SPASA (Executive Board Member and Regional Advisory Committee). Elena has won over 35 national and international business awards.

Having personally experienced the impacts of domestic and family violence as a child, Elena believes in supporting women and children in similar situations through events such as Dancing CEOs.


Elena’s unwavering commitment to research and development has delivered a long list of achievements personally and professionally. 


Elena’s reputation is well known for constantly pushing the boundaries of 

innovation as part of her quest for the global aquatic community to have access to safe and perfectly disinfected water and ending industry dependence on conventional chlorine dosing.


Elena’s passion for water disinfection is equaled only by her passion for equal opportunities for all. AIS’ workforce includes immigrants from 14 countries, people living with disabilities and mature aged people. Elena is often found helping out others in terms of charity events, mentoring, coaching as well as her recent endeavours in the Dancing CEO competitors.

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